Guide to sell

Step 1: Property valuation (appraisal)

Our goal is to evaluate the best possible price the property can fetch in your area in the current market to attract all potential and relevant buyers in the shortest possible time. Our expert valuers usually live locally and have gathered knowledge on property movements over years of experience in the industry.

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Step 2: Appointing an estate agent

The points to consider when choosing an agent are their commission rate, the kind of marketing your property will receive and their availability to conduct viewings. These are important to obtaining the maximum price for your property.

Check if your agent will organise the required Energy Performance Certificate on your behalf or if you need to arrange this yourself? Weenwin can arrange this for you. Choosing the right estate agent is a critical and very important decision in your venture of selling your property.

Remember that your selected estate agent works for you “the seller” and NOT the other way around. It is entirely your decision to accept or not any offer proposed to you.

If you appoint an agent to sell your property you enter into a “sole agency agreement” whereas if you appoint more than one estate agent you enter into a “multiple agency agreement” which result in higher commission to pay.

Step 3: Instructing a solicitor

One of the major reasons the selling process is taking time through completion is the amount of paperwork involved and how fast your solicitor is working on your case. In order to avoid any delay in the process of selling your property it is widely advise to appoint an efficient experienced solicitor as soon as you decide to put your property on the market.Weenwin Solutions can recommend an efficient one if required.

Step 4: Property presentation

The successful selling of your property depends mainly on the future buyers’ first impression. Therefore the presentation of your property at its highest potential is the key to a quick sale at its highest achievable price.

Three key factors are indispensable in order to make your property looks more attractive and desirable to potential buyers:

  • Fresh paint: Refreshing the paint with neutral and bright colours to give a new impression.

  • Tidy: help potential buyers to project themselves in the property easily.

  • Sense of space: it helps buyers feel the potential and space of any given room.

Step 5: Marketing your property

Instructing Weenwin as your agent will enable your property to benefit from maximum exposure across well known national portals websites and international websites via our partners in more than 20 countries, email and SMS alerts to all potential buyers on our waiting list.

Step 6: Accompanied viewings

Passed experience have proven that prospective buyers  that tend to speak openly are more relaxed and spend more time viewing a property when accompanied by an experienced professional. Hence, initial inquiries, concerns or objection from potential buyers can be immediately addressed.

At Weenwin not a single buyer vistit a property unattended with a guaranteed professional property sale during viewings.

Viewings can be carried out from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm and eventually earlier that 10am and later than 8pm depending on the property occupancy.

 Step 7: Receiving an offer

Potential buyers will notify their interest to the agent either by phone or in writing or by both means. The offers received will be immediately forward to you verbally as well as in writing. The decision to whether accept or decline the offer depends entirely on the seller discretion.

Step 8: Offer agreed

 Once you have accepted an offer the selling process starts with the memorandum of sale sent to both solicitors

The seller’s solicitor will send out a draft contract to the buyer’s solicitor who will carry out preliminary inquiries. At this stage the seller will be able to agree on:

  • dates for eventual surveys to be done on the property

  • exchange of contracts

  • proposed date for completion.

Weenwin will advise you and negotiate on your behalf throughout the whole process, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Seller should be aware that offer agreement is not a legal binding contract in the UK and the buyer can still pull out until the exchange of contracts.

Step 9: Exchange of contracts

The exchange of contract is the legally binding contract between the buyer and the seller. It occurs when the following have been verified:

  • Preliminary inquiries following receipt of draft contract

  • Evidence of a good title

  • Specific issues highlighted in the Lease, if applicable

  • Local search queries

  • Fixtures and fittings to be included in the sale

  • The buyer’s mortgage offer

At this stage the deposit is transferred or paid in the form of a banker’s draft by the buyer’s solicitor to the seller’s solicitor and the completion date is set by mutual agreement.

Step10: Completion

The buyer becomes the legal owner of the property on the completion date. The balance is transferred from the buyer’s solicitor to the seller’s solicitor account and the keys of the property are released to the buyer by the estate agent after the confirmation of the seller’s solicitor that the money is cleared on his account.

Congratulation, your property is now sold!!!