Prepare a property for sale

Prepare Your House for Sale

Adding value to your home

How do you begin to prepare your house for sale?

The exterior of the property is the first idea buyers have about your property therefore it is the best place to introduce what buyers should be expecting inside:

You can prepare your property for sale by polishing and tiding up the entrance and the front of the house. This will help buyers to have the impression of a well maintained property

If there is a front garage it should be empty from any unused and unnecessary belongings to allow potential buyers to determine how big it is.

This should be the best time to clean the gutter to avoid the rain to create moisture or dampness around the house.

Where applicable the preparation of the property involves pruning overgrown trees, filling in old ponds, or even old sand pits, and getting rid of worn concrete and old sheds to create wider garden space possible.

An economical way to extend the living space into the garden of your house is by adding a patio door or decking.

The whole property will have a very good appearance with a fresh paint and some DIY where needed.

The amount of light coming into your home improves the overall appearance of the property. This can be addressed by using skylights, patio doors, solar tubes or even glass floors.

Think about improving the value of your property with a conservatory that provides extra living space – extra value between 3.5% and 5%.

The house should be declutter and fresh air should be circulating around the house as much as possible during the viewings period.

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